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The Awakening (2016) Full Movi Online

The Awakening Full Movie Online-2016:
Director-Penny Marshall
Producer-Jason Blum
Writers-Oliver Sacks,Steven Zaillian
Actor-Jennifer Jason Leigh,Thomas mann,Bella Thorne
Relesedate-April 01,2016

The Awakening Full Movie History-2016:
The Awakening Story  is a 2000 TVB drama series. The story is centered on Shuet , who wakes up from a 16-year coma after a car accident, and how she deals with all the changes that has happened since.

Shuet resolves to become strong and independent, and starts a period of transition for herself. She starts to learn about technology and business, and goes job hunting to get experience, even going so far as to accept a cleaning maid job. Shuet gains more knowledge within this process and gets an extreme makeover for herself, and succeeds in landing a prosperous job. She manages to surpass her ex-husband, who has fallen in love with her again

After Shuet wakes up from her coma, it is slowly revealed that 16 years earlier, Shuet was trying to leave her husband and family because of stress and loneliness. The catalyst was ultimately caused by her eldest daughter, Hing Ga who threw a tantrum about getting a cake. As Shuet was about to leave, she realized then that she could not live without her family and decided to return. After purchasing the cake for Hing Ga, she was hit by a car which had led to the 16-year coma.
Meanwhile, the relationship between Shuet and her husband, Philip, had always been on the verge of falling apart, one of the reasons being their differing opinions. The youngest son, Hing Chai , wanted to become a professional hairstylist: Philip opposed to the idea, but Shuet thought it best for her son to follow his dreams. The youngest daughter, Hung Yun  wanted to date and marry Lok  because Lok was unemployed, Philip did not approve of him, but Shuet gave her blessing to the couple.

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