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Darvinte Parinamam (2016) Full Movie online

Darvinte Parinamam Full Movie Online-2016:
Director- Jijo Antony
Writing-Manoj Nair
Producer-Prithviraj,Santhosh Sivan,Arya
CAst-prithviraj,Chandini Sreedharam,Chemban Vinod Jose
Actor-prithviraj Sukumaran,Chandini Sreedharan,Babu Varghese
Releasedate-18 March,2016
Languages- Malayalam

Darvinte Parinamam Full Movie History-2016:

An upcoming Malayalam movie directed by Jijo Antony
Darvinte Parinamam is an upcoming Malayalam film directed by Jijo Antony.[1] It stars Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role, with Chandini Sreedharan as the female lead.[2] The film also features Chemban Vinod Jose, Balu Varghese in supporting roles.[2] Produced jointly by Prithviraj, Santhosh Sivan, Arya and Shaji Nadesan under the banner of August Cinema.[3] The script of the film is written by Manoj Nair. The soundtrack and background score for the film is composed by Shankar Sharma.[3] The film started rolling in Fort Kochi from 1 October 2015.[1]

Principal photography of the film commenced on 1 October at Fort Kochi in Ernakulam.

The title of the film "Darwinte Parinamam" was revealed on 17 September 2015, and it shows an angry gorilla with a pair of wings and a halo. The letters of the title is portrayed in a devil-turns-angel format and devil horns on the first letter has an interesting evolution which turns into an angel's white wings at the end.

Anil Anto and his wife Amala have to shift to Kochi from Kottarakkara at a particular circumstance. Anil works in the Cable TV office and Amala works in a press. There they come across Darwin who thinks that Kochi is in his hands.

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