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Action Hero Biju (2016) Full Movie online

Action Hero Biju  Full Movie Online-2016:
Director-  Abrid Shine
Writing-  Abrid Shine
Producer-Nivin Pauly
CAst-Nivin Pauly,Anu Emmanuel
Actor-Nivin Pauly,Anu Emmanuel
Releasedate-4 Feb,2016
Languages- malayalam

 Action Hero Biju Full Movie History-2016:
Action Hero Biju is a 2016 Indian Malayalam-language action crime film directed by Abrid Shine and starring Nivin Pauly in the title role. This is Shine's second venture as a director after his debut 1983  The movie also marks Nivin Pauly's debut as a producer. Jerry Amaldev composed the original songs, while Rajesh Murugesan did the background score. The filming which began in May 2015 was wrapped in October. After being postponed several times, Action Hero Biju was released on February 4, 2016.

Sub Inspector Biju Paulose  is a dedicated police officer who is committed to solve every case in his jurisdiction using various tactics. The movie is a journey through a number of cases SI Biju has to go through, and thus, it chronicles the routine life of a committed police officer.

After the success of his debut venture, director Abrid Shine began pre-production on his second film. He wanted the subject to be action oriented and discussions with Nivin turned it to a police story. In August 2014, Abrid subsequently made an official announcement that his next venture would be titled Action Hero Biju and would feature Nivin in the lead role. The movie started rolling in May 2015.

Nivin Pauly took special fighting classes and followed special diets to gain more weight and followed workout regimens, to fit the role of a police officer

Aswin Bharadwaj of Lensmen Reviews gives the movie a rating of and he says "On the whole, Action Hero Biju is humorous, real, emotional and atypical. It has multiple messages for us, but there is no conventional preaching. If you are someone who likes to see humor and sentimental scenes without the company of theatrical dialogues and music, Action Hero Biju will entertain you.

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