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The Secret Soldiers of Beghazi (2016) Full Movie online

The Secret Soldiers of Beghazi Full Movie Online-2016:
Director-Michael Bay
Writing-Tim Herlihy
Producer-Michael Bay,Erwin Stoff
Cast-Grard Butler,Morgan Freeman
James Badge Dale
John Krasinski
Max Martini
Dominic Fumusa
Releasedate-April 22, 2016 (USA)
Country-United States,

The Secret Soldiers of Beghazi  Full Movie History-2006:
In 2012, Benghazi, Libya is named one of the most dangerous places in the world, and countries have pulled their embassies out of the country in fear of an attack by militants. The United States, however, keeps a Special Mission  open in the city. Less than a mile away is a not-so-secret CIA outpost called "The Annex", which is protected by a team of Private Military Contractors Global Response Staff made up of former special operations personnel. New to the detail is Jack Da Silva , who arrives in Benghazi and is picked up by Tyrone S. "Rone" Woods , a member of the team and a personal friend of Da Silva. Arriving at the Annex, Da Silva is introduced to the rest of the team and the chief, who constantly gives the team strict reminders to never engage the citizens to avoid conflict with possible militants in the area.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi  is a 2016 American biographical war film directed and co-produced by Michael Bay and written by Chuck Hogan, based on Mitchell Zuckoff's 2014 book 13 Hours. Billed as being based on a true story, the film follows six members of a security team who fight to defend the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya after waves of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2012. The film stars James Badge Dale, John Krasinski, Max Martini, Toby Stephens, Pablo Schreiber, David Denman, Dominic Fumusa, Freddie Stroma, and Alexia Barlier. Filming began on April 27, 2015 in Malta. The film was released on January 15, 2016, by Paramount Pictures. A key assertion in the film — that the security team defended the compound against the orders of the local CIA chief — has been disputed.
On January 14, 2015, John Krasinski was cast in the film, to play one of the lead roles, a former US Navy SEAL. On February 3, Pablo Schreiber also signed on to star in the film, playing Kris "Tanto" Paronto, one of the six-man security team. On February 6, James Badge Dale was set to star, as the leader of the security team.[6] Max Martini was cast as another member of the security team on February 17, 2015. David Denman signed on to star in the film on March 3, 2015, playing Boon, an elite sniper.[13] On March 5, 2015, THR reported that Dominic Fumusa also signed on, to play John "Tig" Tiegen, one of the members of the security team, who is also a former Marine with weapons expertise. Freddie Stroma was added to the cast on March 17, 2015 to play the role of an undercover CIA officer in Libya.[16] On May 7, 2015, Toby Stephens was set to play Glen "Bub" Doherty, another of the security team members

On June 30, 2015, Paramount announced that the new title would be 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, and set the film to be released on January 15, 2016, on the MLK Holiday weekend. The film premiered on January 12, 2016, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, benefitting the Shadow Warriors Project, which supports private military security personnel and other groups.

Unusually for a major American film, the film was given only a limited release in Canada during its American wide opening weekend, playing in select theatres in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. The film expanded to a wide release in Canadian theatres the following weekend, January

The film was projected to earn around $20 million in its four-day Martin Luther King weekend debut. It faced competition from fellow newcomer Ride Along 2, as well as holdovers The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Other films in a similar vein that had opened on the MLK weekend in previous years, American Sniper and Lone Survivor , found success, although they had faced weaker competition, and were considered less politically divisive. However, The Hollywood Reporter noted that the film could outperform expectations if it was buoyed by waves of patriotism. The film made $900,000 from 1,995 theaters during its Thursday previews and $16.2 million in its opening weekend, finishing fourth at the box office.

The film's historical accuracy has been disputed. In the film's most controversial scene, the CIA chief in Benghazi  tells the military contractors there, who seek permission to go defend the embassy, to "stand down", thus denying them permission. The real-life CIA chief has stated there was no stand-down order.His statement was echoed by the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee's finding that there was "no evidence of intentional delay or obstruction by the Chief of Base or any other party.

However, former Army Ranger Kris "Tonto" Paronto, one of the CIA contractors who fought that night, has stated, "We were told to 'stand down'. Those words were used verbatim — 100 percent. ... If the truth of it affects someone's political career? Well, I'm sorry. It happens. When another of the soldiers, John Tiegen, was asked about the alleged stand-down order at a screening for military families, he said that "it was harder to sit there and obey it than to disobey it. Responding further to the claims by "Bob" that no stand-down order was given, Paronto elaborated:

"We could have been a lot harder on him . He gave us a total of two ‘waits’, and a ‘stand down’. We gave him a chance to explain why he said to stand down, maybe there actually was a good reason, but he didn’t want to talk to us. I mean, there is a video feed of us in the compound that night. You can see us getting in and out of cars for twenty-five minutes. It is obvious that we tried to leave multiple times, and that there was a lot of verbal back and forth between him and us. We were exceedingly fair to him in the movie.

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