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Style King (2016) Full Movi Online

Style King Full Movie Online-2016:
Director-P.C Sheker
Producer-Maruthi Jediyavar
Writers-P.C Sheker
Actor-Mean Ganesh
Relesedate-11 Mar,2016

Style King Full Movie History-2016:
Style King  is a Newest Indian Action , Romance film, Style King Movie Directed by PC Shekar .Ganesh Have Main Role Mean Ganesh .Style King movie is Romance Entertainer movie written . directed by PC Shekar.

The end of the film presents a teaser trailer for History of the World, Part II, narrated by Brooks, which promises to include Hitler on Ice, a Viking funeral, and Jews in Space, a parody of Star Wars set to music . Despite the preview, no sequel has been released, and the “Part I” of the film’s title is merely a historical joke

In the tavern of Madame Defarge  she incites a mob to plot the French Revolution. Meanwhile, King Louis of France  is warned by his advisors, Count de Monet  and his associate BĂ©arnaise , that the peasants do not think he likes them — a suspicion reinforced by the king's use of peasants as clay pigeons in a murderous  game of skeet. A beautiful woman, Mademoiselle Rimbaud , asks King Louis to free her father, who has been imprisoned in the Bastille for 10 years because he said "the poor ain't so bad." He agrees to the pardon under the condition that she have sex with him that night, while threatening that should she refuse, her father will die. He then gives her 10 seconds to decide between "hump or death" and at the last second she agrees to "hump".

The film is a parody of the historical spectacular film genre anthology, including the sword and sandal epic and the period costume drama subgenres. The four main segments consist of stories set during the Stone Age, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution. Other intermediate skits include reenactments of the giving of the Ten Commandments and the Last Supper.

Cavemen  depict the invention of fire, the first marriages , the first artist , and early attempts at comedy and music, by smashing each other's feet with rocks and thus creating an orchestra of screams .
Comicus , a stand-up philosopher, is notified by his agent Swiftus that he has landed a gig at Caesar's palace. En route to the palace Comicus meets and falls in love with a Vestal Virgin named Miriam  and befriends an Ethiopian slave named Josephus . Josephus' life is spared when he is conscripted into the service of the Empress Nympho. In ancient Roman culture, Miriam could have freed Josephus just by touching him, because she was a vestal virgin. Comicus' arrival at Caesar's palace was filmed at the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas.

At the Palace, Emperor Nero  gorges on food, ogles pretty maidens and waits to be entertained. Comicus forgets his audience and begins to crack insulting one-liners about the emperor's abundant body contours and corrupt ways. Josephus absentmindedly pours a jug of wine into Nero's lap and is ordered to fight Comicus to the death in a gladiatorial manner. They fight their way out of the palace, assisted in their escape by Miriam, Empress Nympho and a horse named Miracle.

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