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Moondraam Ullaga Por (2016) Full Movi Online

Moondraam Ullaga Por  Full Movie Onl 
Director-Sugan kartthi
                                                                    Producer-TRS Anbu
                                                                   Actor-Sunil Kumar
                                                                   Relasedate-22 Jannuary,2016

Moondraam Ullaga Por  Full Movie History-2016:
This film is supposed to be the first attempt to make a futuristic film in India. Aahan!! Its about an imaginary war between India and china in 2025 and how a soldier gets caught in Chinese camp. The Chinese torture him to get some information and how this patriotic soldier withstands it and sacrifices himself for our nation is all about moondram ulaga por. If you read the above line and set your imaginations on fire, then am not responsible. I too had such expectations but this film is crappily made amateurish political war thriller, which neither thrills nor tickles your patriotic bones in your body. At least if they played our national anthem, I would have stood up and saluted and left the theatre with a heavy patriotic feeling. 

I expected some heavy war scenes but all I got was some poorly made graphics and slides from different war movies. The art department needs a special mention for designing such a crappy prison and a submarine that looks like a third rated lodge. The worst part is that when the hero is delivering patriotic lines, I was like - "hmm, so what?". What's the point in making a patriotic movie that doesn't even give you Goosebumps even once in 100 mins. Thats sums the film for you. The hero acts, then over acts and then I got used to it. He tries to do an Arjun and then do a Vijaykant and finally he even tries an Arvind Swamy from Roja too. 

And there is this sad heroine who cries all the time. There are a couple of songs as well, which were kind of ok when compared to the movie on the whole. The cinematography and editing was poor. The graphics were of low standards as well. Overall, this movie is a torture. But I literally laughed out loud throughout the movie and banged my head on the wall nearby whenever I got a chance. Watch out for the hero who does navarasam with his facial expressions while delivering emotional patriotic dialogues. Semma jolly.

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