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Dirty Grandpa (2016) Full Movie online

Dirty Grandpa Full Movie Online-2016:
Director-Dan Mazer
Writing- John M. Philips
Lionsgate,Bill Block
Jason Barrett
Barry Josephson
Michael Simkin
CAst-Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro
Zac Efron
Aubrey Plaza
Zoey Deutch
Julianne Hough
Dermot Mulroney
Releasedate-May 06, 2016
Country-United States

Dirty Grandpa Full Movie History-2016:
A young man  must drive his vulgar grandfather to Florida for spring break.A young man  must drive his vulgar grandfather  to Florida for spring break.

Jason Kelly attends his grandmother's funeral, where he reunites with his grandfather, Army veteran Dick, who is now widowed after 40 years of marriage. Jason and Dick were once very close, but have since drifted apart, mainly due to Jason's new job as a corporate attorney, where he works with his father David . After the funeral, Dick personally requests that Jason drive him from his home in Georgia to Boca Raton, Florida. Jason is uncomfortable with the situation, as well as his uptight and controlling fiancee Meredith Goldstein  but reluctantly agrees to do so.

The next day, Jason walks in on Dick playing music records and masturbating to pornography. Officially beginning their journey, Dick chides Jason for giving up his dream of becoming a photographer and traveling the world, but Jason insists he is happy in his current position. While stopping at a diner, the duo encounter Shadia , a former classmate of Jason's from his photography class, as well as her friends Lenore  who needs to finish her trifecta  and Bradley  Dick introduces himself as a college professor and Jason as a photographer for Time Magazine, leaving out his family connections. Lenore, who wants to sleep with Dick, invites the duo to join them in their quest to Daytona Beach, where they are headed for spring break, but Jason insists they should carry on to Boca.

Afterwards, Jason and Dick hit the golf course, where Dick flirts with women while denying his relationship with Jason. Jason is shocked that his grandfather would flirt with women immediately after his wife's funeral, but Dick proclaims it's okay because he was never unfaithful to his wife during 40 years of marriage, claiming he hasn't had sex for 15 years because of his wife's cancer and that she insisted he "get back out there". Hearing Dick's plea, Jason reluctantly agrees to go to Daytona.

Upon their arrival in Daytona, Jason and Dick meet up with Shadia and Lenore on the beach, where they also meet the girls' boyfriends Cody  and Brah  both of whom Dick takes an immediate disliking to. Dick laces his own drink with Xanax, but Jason accidentally drinks it while competing in a drinking game. While partying with the girls, Dick witnesses, and records, Jason, wearing nothing but a hornet fanny pack, partying while highly intoxicated, and smoking crack from a local shop owner/drug dealer Pam . Jason later steals a motorcycle and drives off.

The film's script was featured in the 2011 edition of the Black List, an annual listings of well received but unproduced scripts in circulation. Prior to DeNiro's casting, Jeff Bridges and Michael Douglas were both considered for the starring role. DeNiro's casting was confirmed September 4, 2014, along with Zac Efron as his grandson. On December 9, Zoey Deutch was cast as the female lead. Casting calls began in November. In January 2015, Adam Pally and Aubrey Plaza joined the film's cast. Plaza has said that she was inspired by the role because it was different from the characters she normally played,and was also inspired by the fact that the role let her engage in physical comedy.

Dirty Grandpa is a 2016 American comedy film directed by Dan Mazer and written by John Philips. The film stars Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Zoey Deutch, and Aubrey Plaza.

Filming began on January 19, 2015 in Atlanta and ended on May 9. It was theatrically released on January 22, 2016 by Lionsgate. Dirty Grandpa received generally negative reviews from critics and became a success at the box office.

The film was initially set for a Christmas 2015 release, but was pushed to an August 16, 2016 date.t was then brought up to February 26, 2016, before finally being moved to January 22, 2016.
The film was released in North America on January 22, 2016, alongside The 5th Wave and The Boy. The film was projected to gross $10–13 million from 2,912 theaters in its opening weekend. The film made $600,000 from its early Thursday screenings and $4.2 million on its first day. It went on to gross $11.1 million in its opening weekend, finishing 4th at the box office.

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